2019 Talent Benchmarks Report

Key Metrics to Transform Your Hiring

Data has never been more important to talent teams looking to make a strategic impact in today’s highly competitive market. Yet wider context remains elusive for many recruiting and HR professionals who aren’t confident what their metrics mean beyond their own organizations.

In order to be a strategic partner to your business, you not only have to have clarity into your own metrics but the industry’s as well.

That’s where Lever’s Talent Benchmarks Report comes in. Now in its fourth year, our annual report strives to provide that context for talent teams of all sizes — so you can have a deeper understanding of your recruiting programs’ results and make key changes to stay competitive.

Some of Lever’s key findings include that:

  • Sourcing candidates is 2x more efficient than relying on applicants
  • “Nurtured” candidates get hired 19% faster
  • On average, 30-40% of onsite interviews lead to an offer
  • Approximately 65% of candidates that receive an offer will accept
  • Internal hiring is the easiest, quickest, and most cost-effective way to hire

“We designed this report specifically to give our customers, and the industry at large, the most up-to-date, most accurate metrics to benchmark their hiring efforts,” said Lever’s Chief Marketing Officer, Michelle Kerr. “We’re on a mission to help companies achieve predictable hiring, and that starts with a data-driven recruitment strategy. As competition for talent grows, having insights on what processes and talent strategies are needed to hit hiring goals has never been more important to a company’s key business outcomes.

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